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What is NotifyPrice?

The short answer:

NotifyPrice is a free service that sends you an email/notification when the price of an item you want goes down.

The long answer:

Say there is an item you want, but you are not ready to buy it, the price is higher than you'd like to pay or you purchase an item regularly and want to catch a deal on it. That is what we are here. We want to help you save money. So find an item on a website. Copy the URL and paste it into the bar on the NotifyPrice home screen. Fill in your email address and start monitoring. You can leave it as simple as that and you will receive an email if the price goes down even one cent. If you would like to adjust when and how often you receive notifications you can do that through advanced options. You may also adjust settings for an item while viewing it in your lists. Click on the "My Watches" button to see all the items you have added. Here you can adjust the price you want to be notified at or below, set an expiration for the watch, make notes about the item, see the price history since you added it, etc.

Do you support Amazon Kindle e-books?

Yes. Unlike our competitors, we are able to track the price and give you notifications for Amazon Kindle books.

A product's data seems incorrect, how do I fix and/or report this?

Next to the item on your "Watches" page you will see the Exception Flag icon. You can also "Report a Problem" directly from the product page.

Which retailers do you support?

We support most online retailers! As of this moment, we integrate with 1794 retailers in 52 countries. Each time you add a product at a new retailer, we make our best effort to integrate with them.

Edit 12/11/2018: Full-site SSL is now a requirement of any retailer integrated with NotifyPrice.

Will you also notify me of other retailers prices other than the one I selected?

No. We found that users prefer specific retailers and considered competing offers as SPAM! You are welcome to add the item from more than one retailer... we will even group the items so your interface is less cluttered.

How often do you check the prices?

We check the price on each item at least once per hour. If we fail to get an update (or if a discrepancy is reported) it will be flagged with the exception. Exception Flag

How much does the service cost?

Nothing! Our service is provided at no cost to you. We earn a small commission if you purchase an item you are watching through our links to specific retailers that we have agreements with.

Do you monitor Amazon's Lightning Deals?

Yes! Unlike our competitors, NotifyPrice is able to gather Amazon's Lightning Deals as they go live on the website.

Is shipping included in the price?

No. Many retailers quote shipping charges based on your location. Other retailers offer free shipping only if a certain dollar amount is met or if you are a member of a special program.

Is VAT included in the price?

Yes. As most of our users are end consumers, we try to include the VAT wherever possible.

Which price do you show?

The price that we scrape should be for smallest purchase quantity, one-time purchase, with any and all membership discounts available.

Are items available for preorder or backorder considered in stock?

Usually. We will show items in-stock whenever the merchant is willing to accept an order for the item unless the merchant is offering back-in-stock notifications.

Can I paste a "shopping cart" URL?

Your shopping cart is part of the session data (based on cookie, etc) at the retailer and is not commonly shareable externally. A better practice is to add your items to a wishlist and then share the wishlist instead.

Do you watch used and refurbished item prices?

At secondary market retailers like eBay we do... but at retailers that primarily sell new items we currently only watch the new prices.

How does our gift registry feature work?

You share your public link with whomever you want to see your wishlist. They will then be able to see all the items specific to this one list. If you have checked the "gift registry box" purchased items will disappear from the listing when viewed from the public link you shared. Make sure they know that they will have to mark the item purchased so others will not see it and buy it also. From your personal NotifyPrice account all the items will appear to be there, so you can't see which items were purchased in advance. We will not send notifications about items that are marked purchased.

How do I create a Gift Registry?

The first thing you will need to do is go to your list that you wish to share. Click the settings icon next to your list name in the top dropdown box. This will take you to the setting page. Here you need to select the two boxes under the "Public Link" section. That is it! Now all you have to do is copy the link provided in that section to whomever you would like to see your registry.

Do you have an Android app?

Yes, we do!
Google Play Store

Do you have an iPhone or iPad app?

No, not currently. But we are working one!

Can my significant other and I collaborate/share a list but still have separate accounts?

Yes! Either of you can start the list and add the other. To do this, have your list open that you wish to collaborate on. Select the tools icon next to the top dropdown box. This will open the setting page. Look for the Collaborate box, fill in the other's email address and click "add". Now it should show them listed below the green bar. Here you can give permissions or even remove them if they are really bad. This is perfect for Holiday gift giving items too by the way.

What happens when a product is not found or says "give me an hour" initially?

Sometimes the retailer's site sets tight restrictions on how often we can pull for data... and incorporating a new item causes a temporary (less than 1 hour) delay getting it into the fold.  If the product is from a retailer that we haven't integrated with yet then someone at NotifyPrice has to go in and "teach" the computer how to parse the price and availability information. After that is done then any user can add an item at that retailer and it should work right away (except that first exception we talked about).

Why would a retailer not be supported?

The majority of cases are were we have trouble scraping a retailer website. The biggest culprit is advanced (paid) bot detection. We reach out to the retailer and ask for a way to bypass this protection and also ask if they have an API they would rather us integrate with. The number of attempts to contact the retailer depends on the number of products requested at that retailer as well as their affiliation status. On rare occasion a retailer gets excluded because they don't have a basic understanding of HTML.

How long do you keep price history?

We don't currently purge price history but for performance reasons we only expose up to three (3) years of data. If you have specific interest in data beyond that, please contact us at!

Do you subtract instant coupons from the price?

Yes! For we are testing a new feature which adjusts the price we scrape if there is a coupon available.

How to remove notifications for limited stock?

This can be done on a per-list basis. Go to the list in question and click the settings icon next to your list name in the top dropdown box. This will take you to the setting page. Here you need to deselect the box for "Notify me when items in this list are about to go out-of-stock".

My account has been deactivated, what do need to do to reactivate it?

Please contact us at!

Will you send me unwanted advertisements?

No! We hate this too! We do not share your information with third-parties and we will not send you offers unrelated to products you are actively watching. That is our commitment to you!

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